About the Company

Airbase serves as an all-in-one platform for spend management, helping companies with their financial control and visibility. It combines approval workflows, corporate cards, bill pay, accounting automation, and reporting all in one place.

The company was born out of the idea that spends management shouldn’t have to be difficult. It offers a solution that lets companies invest less time on the tedious, manual tasks of tracking every dollar spent and more on being strategic partners to their businesses.

How it all began?

We were already creating videos regularly for Airbase a month before the lockdown started. Airbase, being a remote-only company, gave us good ideas on optimizing remote working for more productivity and flexibility.

Once the pandemic, we had to revise the scope of regularly creating videos.

We, at Catalyst, took a step back and re-evaluated the ongoing scenario. We analyzed the obstacles and drew solutions based on what was available and optimized the workflow accordingly. We got a step ahead and finally drafted new guidelines for Airbase and also our team. Our team is now scattered across the country.

We faced problems like variable internet connectivity and workstation limitations, compared to earlier situations.

Drafting Guidelines for Shooting with just Zoom and FaceTime


We sent various best practices for video to be recorded via Zoom and FaceTime. Image courtesy Wistia and Unsplash
With the new processes and techniques for creating videos in place, we started delivering videos in a new and effective way. We started developing new ideas for creating videos within the limitations of our home — fewer FaceTime shots, and more animations.

Some of the videos made during the Pandemic!

We are happy to say we are making more videos than ever!

We learned a crucial lesson, which wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for the pandemic. We couldn’t possibly have thought of working remotely. But this pandemic has opened new doors and challenges for us. We started flexing more of those creative muscles in our brains. We will continue making more and more videos.

Happy to be a part of this change.