Upon analyzing the market in Colombo, Srilanka, we understood that it is a modern city with people having a vast social media presence. Bombay Borough is the international off-shoot of an award-winning Indian restaurant in India. Introducing a new player in an already saturated market is a challenging task, but we were up for the game.

We devised a 3-stage plan:

1. Pre-Launch Promo Video

We created a video to attract the locals of Colombo and ran a video ad campaign for three days before and after the launch fo the eatery. The ad reached more than 6000 people across all platforms. The video got the word out about the new Indian restaurant in town.

2. Launch Party and Promo Video

We coordinated with the local PR agency to bring in the top influencers and celebrities on the launch day. Live updates and customer responses were shared through Instagram during the event. We made a launch day highlights video that has all the influencers and celebrities. We ensured that the video was shared and tagged by as many people as possible.
Within 12 hours, the restaurant’s Instagram following reached 1000.

3. Reposting and engaging with new customers

We leveraged the best from the new followers and influencers. Their posts and stories were reposted and tagged through the restaurant’s official account. We encouraged them to share their personal experiences through social media, thus ensuring maximum reach.

We greeted the new followers with welcome messages, and any queries or responses were addressed immediately to ensure that the initial social media crowd had the best experience.

We left no stones unturned and completed the campaign successfully, thus growing our client’s social media presence.

That’s how we made Bombay Borough a local favorite right from the first day.