Social Media Management

Curated set of posts and stories, along with various promotional campaigns resulting in brand building. Constantly building an online community which revolves around the brand’s ideas & statement and keep them posted with what the brand is upto.

Content Creation

We craft signature style content for the brand designed for social media growth. This will contain monthly videos planned and curated for campaigns.

Feed Design

We design and curate the feeds of accounts as per the brand theme to enable customers to convert into followers.

Response Management

We respond to the customers via DMs and messages and create conversations and engage with them on a daily basis. This helps retain the brand in their mind and they always look forward to communicating with the brand.

Paid Promotions

We will be boosting posts/stories for communicating particular campaigns as well as doing constant campaigns on the brand building aspect to reach out to a wider audience.

Brand Launch/Opening Events

We curate a launch plan for brands and events online, to improve awareness and create an impact on the customers.